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The not-too-early NFL MVP contenders

Let’s sort out who makes sense before kickoff.

5 thoughts about NBA’s Christmas Day slate

It’ll be a fun day, except probably for that one game.

3 takeaways from ‘Hard Knocks’ episode 2

This is getting good.

The 3 best moments from the Lions’ Hard Knocks debut

Dan Campbell was EVERYTHING!

Bet On Women
A weekly celebration of all the reasons you should bet on women through uplifting storytelling, athlete analysis and betting insights. If you bet on women, you need to know who they are.

The 25 best players of the WNBA playoffs, ranked

Don’t @ me.

The 8 WNBA playoff teams, ranked

It’s playoff time. Here’s each team ranked by how likely they are to win a ring.

Alyssa Thomas doesn’t feel bad knocking Sylvia Fowles out of playoff contention

Thomas joined the See You In The Lobby crew to give very valid points lol.

Can the Aces make it without Dearica Hamby?

Vegas escaped a worst-case scenario, but will still have to manage without their All-Star forward for some of the playoffs.

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Point Totals 101

Betting Basics What is an over/under bet? Point Totals 101 Sure you can make a bet on who wins the game, but isn’t it more fun when we put our differences aside and come together for the greater good? Two teams working with one another to achieve new heights, or submerge new depths. Throw a…

The Moneyline

Betting Basics What is a moneyline bet? The Moneyline Understanding the simplest bet in sports betting While some bets ask you to predict the final score and others ask you to estimate how many points will be scored, there is one bet you can make that involves nothing more than determining a winner and a…

Odds 101

Betting Basics Understanding American odds Odds 101 Everything you need to know about American Betting Odds If you’ve dabbled in the sports betting marketplace, you’ve seen all of the options that lay at your fingertips. Whether it’s betting the point spread or taking the moneyline, there are a myriad of ways you can bet on…

The Gaming Society Football Show
All-Pro QB Mike Vick and WR-turned data sharp Dave Anderson translate high football IQ into sports betting action.