FIFA23 will soon push a download that will put the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) in the game for the first time. While international women’s teams have been in the game for years, there’s been a new commitment to finally including domestic women’s leagues.

All of this is good and a net positive. As we approach the official release, ratings have been released for players in the league and reader, it’s time to yell about some things!

1. The update is delayed until March 23

A mere 30ish hours before the update was to be available, EA announced that an issue in testing is going to push it back another week. While that’s still before the season starts, it’s only two days before. Teams and the league have been doing a ton of social media marketing around the game in anticipation, and fans have rushed to buy the game – or even a console. Whatever happened to delay it, we hate it!

2. Midge Purce’s ratings — Defending: 42, Dribbling: 78

As future President of the United States, Midge Purce, explains herself, if there are two things she’s known for as a player it’s 1v1 tenacity and dribbling. Purce isn’t just a forward who defends well, she played fullback for both club and country. And when it comes to dribbling, she’s a Nutmeg God, it’s her thing.

3. Naomi Girma’s overall 82 rating 

An 82 rating for a player coming off a rookie season isn’t bad, but when compared to her defensive peers it’s way off. Girma won Rookie of the Year in 2022 but was also named the Defender of the Year, that’s right, ahead of literally everyone above her. Girma has also become a staple in the USWNT’s backline and, so far, doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses.

4. Sarah Gorden’s speed rating is less than 89!?!

Sarah Gorden missed all last season due to injury, but it should only take .7 seconds of viewing a highlight reel to see one of her best and most outrageous attributes: SHE IS VERY FAST. Gorden might be the only defender in the world who can afford to give an attacking player a step simply because of how much ground she can cover. 

In her first preseason game back, she did this. Reader, it is not normal for someone to move at this rate of speed, yet Gorden hasn’t been listed among the 11 fastest in the video game. If 11 players were truly faster than Gorden, 70% of NWSL viewers would suffer from whiplash after watching games.

5. Alex Morgan’s 90 overall rating

This may seem controversial but it is 2023 and Alex Morgan is simply not the best player in the NWSL. She won the Golden Boot last season and helped lead a talented and very well coached San Diego Wave team to the semifinals, but there are a handful of players who impact games in more ways than Morgan.

Sophia Smith, the league and championship MVP, is a terror on the pitch with her speed, dribbling, chance creation and shooting. Mallory Swanson is living up to her legend and has been unstoppable whether in a Red Stars or USWNT shirt. Then there’s Debinha, who’s been one of the most consistently dangerous and dynamic players in league history.

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