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Point Totals 101

Betting Basics What is an over/under bet? Point Totals 101 Sure you can make a bet on who wins the game, but isn’t it more fun when we put our differences aside and come together for the greater good? Two teams working with one another to achieve new heights, or submerge new depths. Throw a…

The Moneyline

Betting Basics What is a moneyline bet? The Moneyline Understanding the simplest bet in sports betting While some bets ask you to predict the final score and others ask you to estimate how many points will be scored, there is one bet you can make that involves nothing more than determining a winner and a…

Odds 101

Betting Basics Understanding American odds Odds 101 Everything you need to know about American Betting Odds If you’ve dabbled in the sports betting marketplace, you’ve seen all of the options that lay at your fingertips. Whether it’s betting the point spread or taking the moneyline, there are a myriad of ways you can bet on…

Point Spread 101

Betting Basics What is a Point Spread Bet? The Spread 101 Everything You Need To Know About The Most Common Bet In Sports As Sports Betting becomes legalized across the nation, sports coverage skews more and more towards the gambling public. Now, no matter what channel you turn to, the conversation usually revolves around the…

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Quiz: What should I bet on?

Your thesis paper is due in two months, how are you game planning?
Homer Simpson falling sleep
My outline is already done, and I’ll have the first draft finished by tomorrow.
I’ve started some research.
Two months? That’s a lifetime. We can pull an all-nighter.
Damn, there’s a thesis paper? I haven’t been to class yet.



What’s the most satisfying play in football?
Top NFL Plays
Lockdown defense in the red zone.
Escaping the pocket and connecting with a wide-open receiver.
A huge 3rd-down sack to shift the momentum.
A game-winning Hail Mary as time expires.



Your car breaks down on a deserted road with no cell service – what do you do?
Dog Driving Meme
You sit and wait … someone’s got to drive by, right?
It’s time to go search for service, but the car has to stay in your line of sight.
Sneakers were a good shoe choice because it might be a long walk ahead.
Time to pull out the toolbox and fix the problem yourself.



Do you eat oysters?
Terry Crews eating Oysters, White chicks movie
The snotty thing that comes in a shell? PASS
Only if it’s a special occasion and I’m at a nice restaurant.
Anytime they’re on a menu.
You can find me every Tuesday at 50 cent oyster night at that place under the interstate with no air conditioning



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What should I bet on?

I'm %%personality%%


But I'm also %%personality%%



Spot us on


@Mocurrie25 The 3rd set is the point total for the game (final score added up). You can bet on the total points to go over “O” or under “U”

The point total for IND and NY is 159.5 and you can bet on the under (no more than 159 total points ⬇️) or the over (at least 160 points ⬆️)

@Mocurrie25 The 2nd set is the moneyline - a bet you place on a team to win outright. The odds determine the profit you receive

LV (-430) is the fav over ATL so if you bet LV moneyline, you would have to bet $430 to win $100. Betting ATL (+320) means you would have to be $100 to win $320

@Mocurrie25 We got you! 1st set of numbers is the spread - number of points a team is expected to lose (+) or win (-) by

Example, WAS is a 7.5 pt favorite over DAL meaning WAS has to win by 8 or more points to cover the spread. If DAL wins OR loses by 7 or less, DAL covers the spread 🧈

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