Omg is that you? Nice to see you! Thanks for meeting me here.

I’m Matt Ellentuck. If you already know me, it’s probably because you’ve seen my name on the bird app reporting on the WNBA over the last six years. If you don’t know me, I’m the head of editorial at Gaming Society.

After I was laid off from my last job (boo) due to the pandemic (double boo) I took a lot of time piecing together what I wanted to do next.

Staying in women’s sports was a must. That miserable statistic of female athletes receiving 4% of sports coverage hasn’t left my mind, and with women’s sports growing exponentially by the day (lol in the last seven days the WNBA completed a $75 million capital raise and the NWSL just locked in its first-ever collective bargaining agreement), everyone’s going to be wishing they hopped on board sooner.

But not us! And that’s why I’m here.

Gaming Society is about to do something fun, and it’s all about Betting On Women.

“Bet On Women means believing in women, investing in women, and giving women the same opportunities and tools to be successful during and after their careers.”

– Marissa Coleman, Gaming Society’s VP of Business Development

Hold on, Matt. What’s this Gaming Society about?

A lot of you might be seeing Gaming Society for the first time in this article and that’s ok because we’re brand new — like barely-a-year-old new. You should get to know us as the place that will Bet On Women, because, well, we’re trying to win.

Winners make winning bets

The word bet is kinda scary, but no, we’re not asking you for money. Our Bet On Women campaign is about more than placing bets. We want to use the gamification space to platform names in sports who need to be heard, from Suni Lee flipping through the air to Kahleah Copper flexing to win a WNBA championship and Trinity Rodman airmailing a laser in the NWSL Final.

And we’re equipped with the right people to do it. 

  • Say hi to our CEO, Jaymee Messler, who you know as co-founder of The Players’ Tribune

  • And VP of Business Development Marissa Coleman, who you’ve watched ball out in the literal WNBA All-Star Game (and win an NCAA , roll terps)

  • And Chief of Staff Carolina Blanco, who you know as the former Executive Director at Sports International Group, Inc

  • And VP of Business Affairs Kelsey Trainor, whose PWRFWD merch is, well, everywhere

  • And Content and Creative Manager Chloe Chrysikopolous, whose work you’ve seen at FOX Sports.

If the Phoenix Mercury have the newest superteam, we’ve got the newest dream team.

"I Bet On Women because society is better when we Bet On Women — not just in sports but in all aspects of life. When we give women a chance, we amplify their voices and propel them forward."

– Carolina Blanco, Gaming Society’s Chief of Staff

Spit it out, Matt. What’s this Olympic Bet On Women campaign about?!

Whoa there, someone’s excited. Ok! I’ll tell you.

Over the next 10 week days, we’re spotlighting 12 of the biggest names across 10 Olympic events including snowboarder Chloe Kim, speed skater Maame Biney and skier Mikaela Shiffrin in our Bet On Women Newsletter, while allowing fans to place mock bets on Twitter to earn prizes.ON TWITTER?!? Yeah!All you have to do is:

  1. Follow us @GamingSociety

  2. Hit the retweet button on our Bet of the Day, which will be posted daily to Twitter

  3. Subscribe to our Bet On Women newsletter, which will keep you up to date on all of the biggest events in women’s sports

I’ll give a lil spoiler so you understand what we mean. On Wednesday, we’re going to “bet” on halfpipe superstar Chloe Kim to win gold. It’s a bet you’d see at a sportsbook, but we’re doing the risk-free version that could earn you prizes online — if she wins gold that is.  

During each day of the campaign, we’ll transform our social media platforms (with help from Flagrant Magazine’s @CiaraMountains) into the ultimate stan account for whoever we’re “wagering” on. On Twitter, you’ll learn the basics of betting education and all of the reasons why we’re supporting the athlete we’re betting on that day.

There’s only one bet to take each day because we’re in this together, and we hope you’ll help us get our little community started.

This is just the beta version of what we have planned down the line, so I (biasedly) think you should hop on board now.

Let’s do this! Hit subscribe. Mash the follow button. Spam RT.

It’s time to Bet On Women.