Ayoka Lee set a women’s college basketball record on Sunday, scoring 61 points (no, that’s not a typo) on a ridiculous 23-of-30 shooting for Kansas State to beat No. 14 Oklahoma, 94-65. The 6-foot-6 center’s beatdown was equal parts mesmerizing for the fans as it was embarrassing for the Sooners. You have to watch her drain all 61 of her points around the basket fully comprehend.

Lee bodied the paint so consistently that she drained 30 points in 14 minutes and came just five points shy of out-scoring the entire Oklahoma team. At times it felt like the announcer left his mic on repeat since there was only one damn name echoing throughout Bramlage Coliseum. Good luck to anyone not named Ayoka Lee on breaking this record.

How’d Lee score all those points?

For starters, the Sooners didn’t play anyone taller than 6-foot-3, and there were moments they went even smaller. But that only tells part of the story. Lee WORKED any and every defender (sometimes two or three) thrown at her before she even caught the ball. Her footing was perfect as she pinned down anyone in her way and drop-stepped for easy buckets. She was making pro-level moves long before the ball was even in her hands. 

Doing her work early made Lee’s teammate’s lives easy. Simple lobs to the paint allowed the Wildcats to tally 28 assists on 33 made baskets. Lee caught the ball high and kept it there, banking shots around the rim from either side. She hit some short baseline shots, too. Fouling Lee didn’t make a difference as she made 15-of-17 free throws.

When’s Lee headed to the WNBA?

Patience, friends. Lee is a draft-eligible redshirt junior, but according to ESPN, she’s likely to return for her senior season.


That’s history, folks, and this is only the beginning for Lee. We probably should’ve seen a big game like this coming considering she’s dropped 30 or more points in five games this season including 43 in the season-opener. She’s just a shade under Iowa’s Caitlin Clark’s 25.7 points per game (25.5) for most in the nation.

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