Good morning! How was your Super Bowl Sunday? Congrats to Rams and Euphoria fans on the big night!While football and Nate Jacobs’ exes (?) take a back seat, I’m here to remind you that the Olympics are still in full swing AND, here at Gaming Society, you’ll have TONS of chances to win Bet On Women merch by helping us celebrate the many incredible women athletes in Beijing!

Wait, what’s this merch about, Matt?

Glad you asked! To celebrate the launch of our Olympic campaign and further our mission to Bet On Women, we designed our own t-shirts, hoodies and hats!Check them out!

“Bet On Women means believing in women, investing in women, and giving women the same opportunities and tools to be successful during and after their careers.”

– Marissa Coleman, Gaming Society’s VP of Business Development

How can I win some of that!?!?

It’s so easy! Friends, you’re gonna love this.Each weekday during the Olympics, we’ve been highlighting a woman athlete in our newsletter and on our social platforms. We’ll continue this week!If you’re new here, you’re in for some fun! Through our day-long celebration, you’ll learn a little bit about what makes each athlete special including what they’ve accomplished in their career and why we’re huge fans of them. To go along with the Bet On Women theme, we’re giving fans the chance to “bet” on each star (here’s where the prizes come in) by: 

If that “bet” hits, one person at random will be selected to win a Bet On Women starter kit which includes a hoodie, t-shirt and hat.Don’t worry, even on days where the “bets” don’t hit, we’ll ramp up on our giveaways. You should participate every day!

"Bet On Women means waking up every day and making a conscious effort to support, propel and uplift women and women’s sports."

–  Chloe Chrysikopoulos, Gaming Society’s Creative & Content Manager

Whoa that sounds fun. Did anyone win yet?

Hell yeah they did. Two “bets” hit as Chloe Kim won halfpipe snowboarding gold and Erin Jackson won the 500-meter short track speed skating gold.Congrats to our winners, @JoeSosnoff and @Jmontalbano1107!

How to win Gaming Society's Bet On Women merch during the 2022 Olympics ⛸

What can I do to help?

That’s the spirit!If you’re already a subscriber:

If you’re not already a subscriber:

The more people who participate, the bigger the stakes for future giveaways!