Local Spongebob cosplayer Tom Brady is set to compete for his first golf win (in three tries) at the sixth annual The Match competition on Wednesday. The event, which originally cast amateurs and pros side-by-side, has gone rogue, pairing off star quarterbacks in this rendition. On one side is Brady and Aaron Rodgers, a duo you definitely have an opinion about, against Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

The 6,722 yard, par-70 course will see 12 holes played using a shamble format (each golfer tees off, and the best shot is selected. The same person finishes the round.)

Are these guys even good at golf?

It’s a fair question despite their being world class athletes and the answer is yeah, they’re better than you or I, but no, they shouldn’t switch sports any time soon. Still, there’s swings like this Brady hole-in-one to remind us that his athletic prowess is endless. Brady holds roughly an 8-handicap, per CBS, and his teammate Rodgers holds an impressive 5-handicap.

Allen holds an 8-handicap as well, and his teammate Mahomes is coming off a win at the same course a few weeks ago. In April, Mahomes and Travis Kelce earned first place in Justin Timberlake’s 8am Golf Invitational. 

The question: will the NFL’s goat dodge another golf L?

I can’t stress enough that this competition is meant for charity first and foremost. I’ll next place an emphasis on Brady never having won this event. Seven Super Bowl rings and a $375 million broadcasting contract aside, that’s kinda embarrassing! Idk if he can show his face if he stumbles again — but he definitely can’t afford to show his cheeks again. 

What are the odds for this game?

Brady and Rodgers are the favorites in this one with -190 odds (bet $190 to win $100). Allen and Mahomes hold +160 odds (bet $100 to win $160).