If you thought Katie Ledecky’s swimming races were hilarious, let me show you Sydney McLaughlin’s 400-meter hurdles at the world championships. 

For lack of a better phrase, the 22-year-old kicked the absolute crap out of the rest of the field, and smashed the record she had already broken of her own original record at 50.68 seconds. The next-quickest non-McLaughlin time ever was set by Dalilah Muhammad at 51.58, nearly a full second slower. Those are the best finishes of all time!

Want some more context? McLaughlin finished a 400-meter race quicker with 10 hurdles than two of the eight finalists in the 400-meter race ran without hurdles. None of this is normal. All of it is incredible.

To cap off her week, McLaughlin ran the anchor leg after Talitha Diggs, Abby Steiner and Britton Wilson in the 4×400 meter relay for Team USA and extended what was a .73 second lead into a 2.93-second decimation finish over second-place Jamaica. Their splits were stellar. Diggs ran in 50.5 seconds, Steiner in 49.99, Wilson in 49.39. But McLaughlin crushed them all in 47.91 seconds. 

Just imagine what McLaughlin can bring to the table in two years at the Paris 2024 Olympic games.