EA Sports started to release player ratings for the upcoming Madden 23 game this week, and as a company with a storied history of making little-to-no mistakes, it went off without a hitch.SIKE! 

Ja’Marr Chase: 87 overall, 20th best WR in Madden

The only possible explanation here is that EA Sports is made up entirely of Bama fans. Chase had the fourth-most receiving yards in the world last season and then set the rookie record for postseason receiving yards while carrying his squad to the bowl of supers. Having Ja’Marr as the 20th best wide receiver is a jailable offense, though he’s using it as motivation.  

Mike Gesicki: 86 overall, 7th best TE in Madden

I truly hope Mike Gesicki is having a fabulous day and doesn’t read this next sentence. IN NO WORLD IS MIKE GESICKI THE SEVENTH BEST TIGHT END IN THE NFL. Pro football focus had him graded out as the 21st-best tight end in football last season. Arguably, Gesicki isn’t the 7th best tight end in his division. Full stop. 

Khalil Mack: 92 overall, 4th best DE in Madden & Joey Bosa: 91 overall, 6th best DE in Madden

Honestly nothing wrong with these grades, just wanted to point out that the Chargers are going to be flat out terrifying on defense. Imagine deciding who to block out of that duo. Together they average 24 sacks over a full season. Oh, and the Bears have no one in the top 75… 

Michael Thomas: 90 overall, 10th best WR in Madden

Thomas was once considered one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, but an odd string of injuries and surgeries has halted a Hall of Fame trajectory. While one shouldn’t have their player rating altered due to injury, the last time MT caught a touchdown pass, Covid-19 didn’t exist. Maybe bring his rating back down to reality just a smidge.