I’m kinda obsessed with roombas because they’re bots that inch us a bit closer to robo-anarchy, but they’re still so dumb that we can manipulate them into doing stuff that makes us lol. 

Sometimes we’ll send them to make the dog bark and other times we’ll use them to play a new version of pool. Like these guys did:

I don’t know all the rules to roomba pool but I know that I’m definitely in. Placing the circular machine on the pool table to zamboni the balls into pockets is genius. 

You’ll notice dollar bills on the table, which means, according to the roomba pool bros, this is a bettable sport in any way you wish. Maybe it’s a stripes and solids game. Maybe everyone picks a ball in secret. Maybe there’s a version in which the roombas are timed.

Anyway, thank you roombros for inventing the perfect sport.