Snowboarder. Prodigy. Legend.

Chloe Kim became the youngest woman ever to earn gold at the X Games in 2015 and never looked back. She just… keeps setting records, like when she completed back-to-back 1080s (three full rotations in the air) for the first time in women’s snowboarding history. 

Oh, and when she qualified for the Olympics at 13 years old. Casual! She would’ve competed if not for the age restriction being set at 15.  

When her time came in 2018, she didn’t miss. Kim arrived in PyeongChang as the overwhelming favorite at just 17 years old and performed in every way we expected her to and then some, capturing gold with ease. 

Months following her Olympic dominance, she did what Chloe Kim does, and became the first woman to land a front-side double cork 1080 in the halfpipe (flipping herself upside down twice during an aerial rotation). Apparently that’s possible??

Kim's victories haven't come without challenges, though.

Beneath all the early success, Kim was still just a teenager living with her parents, struggling to balance normal life with fame. She also hit a post-Olympic wall that often happens with athletes who train their entire lives for a single shot at victory once every four years. 

Kim’s spoken out about her bouts of depression following Pyeongchang, including when she tossed her Olympic medal in the trash (don’t worry, it didn’t make it to the dumpster). She was bullied, overwhelmed and lost sight of why she loved to compete. 

So, Kim took some time off, mending a broken ankle that required surgery and attending Princeton. It helped her heal. Now, she’s back and more hyped than ever – and so are we to be able to watch her dominate again. She’s two-for-two in competition this season, snagging a Dew Tour victory and owning the Laax Open World Cup.

Now, Kim's ready to do what she does best — WIN!

It’s four years later, but Kim’s still the overwhelming favorite in Beijing, and rumor has it she’ll be throwing down three new tricks. “I’m so excited,” Kim told TIME Magazine. “They’re an upgrade from everything I’ve done. … I’m going to go off.” YES, QUEEN. GO OFF! We’re betting on you.Learn more about our Bet on Women Campaign here.Terms and conditions

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Why we’re betting on Chloe Kim

1. Because food always comes first – even if you’re in between heats of Olympic competition.Duly noted. Next time we’re nervous, we’ll try Churros.

2. Because not only can she snowboard, she can also sing.A Masked singer appearance and a performance rapping Cardi B’s verse with G-Eazy after the ESPYs!Why can’t we be this talented?!

3. Because she’s been on not one, but two cereal boxes.Let’s be real, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is waaay better than Corn Flakes.

4. Because she’s an animal lover like the rest of us.Brb on our way to pet her mini Australian shepherd, Reese.

5. Because she’s a serious SpongeBob fan.Life goals: Grab a Krabby Patty with Chloe Kim.Share on FacebookShare on LinkedInShare on PinterestShare on TwitterShare on WhatsApp