Progression in sport isn’t always linear, and that’s frustrating for anyone albeit a world-class athlete. Britcher, a 27-year-old heading into her third Olympic games, struggled to find motivation for Beijing after falling short of medal expectations in Sochi.

Four years ago, she placed 19th in the single’s luge competition — that’s four spots worse than when she finished 15th as the youngest American on the roster at age 19 in 2014. Her American team also finished fourth in the relay, just shy of the podium.

“Over the following few years, the guilt of competing with zero motivation was one of the most unexpected and confusing challenges I’ve had to overcome,” Britcher said, according to the Olympics.

“I was convinced that being driven and motivated was a requirement of athletic success and fulfilment, to the point that even when I was on the podium, or finished 3rd in the World Cup Overall in 2019, I felt hollow and empty. I’ve learned that motivation and passion is not an infinite resource.”

In Beijing, Britcher is going in with a totally different approach.

“Ultimately I had to restructure how I thought about sport and competing,” Britcher said. “I had to learn that it’s okay for me to take up space as an athlete who doesn’t fit the mold of motivation and enthusiasm that is expected.”

With that weight off her shoulders, Britcher could be in for her most successful bid yet. Win or lose, we’ll be cheering for her to perform her best at the biggest stage. This is Summer’s time to live in the moment, doing what she loves most!

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1. Because we want to live in Summer’s America!Hell yes, everyone take out your Nintendo Switch when it’s Summer’s turn to luge.

2. Because Summer understands the importance of quality leadership.We’ve got a Swiftie at the Olympics, y’all!

3. Because she can grow one (1) vegetable.Literally just tomatoes. “Mostly I’m just growing tomatoes, I’m really good at growing them and just really bad at growing everything else,” Britcher said. “So that’s what I stick with.”Know your limits, legend.

4. Because her Twitter bio proves she’s good with words.(you sure do, Summer)

5. Because Summer Britcher is an athlete for the people.Queen of Cheez Itz!