The 2022 college basketball season tipped off on Monday for both the men's and women's leagues, and — shocker here — not all sportsbooks made women's basketball odds available.

Even for the books that did post odds, the frequency and intricacy of women's bets available paled in comparison to the men's options.

Why are the lack of women's betting odds worrisome?

Betting is NOT a reliable source of income, but it is a source of fandom. With each bet comes a further reason to tune into that day's game or zone in on a specific player.

There's a belief that sports betting could help expand the women's sports audience past those already engaged. It's just hard to prove with the lack of odds available.

Are people mad about the lack of bets made available?

Yeah! Here are a few tweets:

Which sportsbooks are offering odds for women's basketball?

As of Monday, November 7 (3:30 p.m. ET):

Why aren't all sportsbooks offering odds?

Likely, there's a chicken or the egg situation unfolding. The books don't want to offer up something they don't think they can make substantial money on, but fans can't prove they're interested without having somewhere to place a bet.

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