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Why we’re betting on Brandon Ingram 🏀

It’s the Pelicans’ time to shine!

Matt Ellentuck

Content Producer, GS

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🥳  Betting on Brandon Ingram is fun because…

  • This is his first playoff run, and he’s been incredible!
  • The Pelicans weren’t supposed to be in position to take a playoff series, but they’re shining against the league’s best team! 
  • His development is six years and two franchises in the making. BI fans have been patiently waiting for his meteoric rise

🧐  Betting on Brandon Ingram is smart because…

  • He is coming off a 37-point Game 2 showout!
  • In his last four regular season games against New Orleans, he’s scored 20+ points three times 
  • Devin Booker won’t be playing. Phoenix’s defense could be a bit out of sorts
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