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Gaming Society’s Bet of the Day is on Coach K 🏀

Yeah, you’re only going to find this bet here.

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Coach K’s last game as a head coach at Duke could’ve been two days ago or it could be today against Michigan State or next week or the week after.

You probably heard about this possibility when his retirement was announced in July. And then again on opening night in November… And in their game against Notre Dame… And against Gonzaga… And on SportsCenter… And on Twitter… And do you see where we’re going here?

Coach K definitely deserves praise!! He’s an all-time great, Hall of Fame coach. Duke’s men’s basketball team has become a powerhouse under his watch and won five tournament championships. His 98 tourney wins are the most EVER.

But like – we get it! As fans, we’ve also seen Duke become… Duke. For anyone who isn’t a Blue Devil, that’s… BLEH 🤮

Anywho! Let’s take our general annoyance at the topic and turn it into the opportunity to win.

Only at Gaming Society, our Bet of the Day is a prop for the broadcast to mention tonight possibly being Coach K’s last as a head coach 5.5 times. 

🥳 Betting on the broadcast team to fixate on Coach K is fun because…

  • There is nothing we can do to stop it. Let’s profit!
  • If we have to hear it, let’s at least make it a meme
  • Homefield has sick t-shirts. Consider this a sweet retirement gift opportunity

🧐 Betting on this game to be a nonstop Coach K monologue is smart because…

  • This game is all about the coaching matchup. Tom Izzo opens the door for the most conversation!
  • Well, this might actually be his last game
  • There is literally no way this bet misses
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