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Why we’re betting on Kierstan Bell 🏀

The potential first-round pick is a scoring machine

Matt Ellentuck

Content Producer, GS

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Mid-majors are on the RISE in college basketball, and Florida Gulf Coast’s Kierstan Bell is the latest name to heat up in WNBA mock drafts. It’s easy to see why 🔥

The 22-year-old scoring-minded wing dropped 22.8 points per game last season for the 30-3 Golden Eagles, which was the fifth-highest scoring average in D1 women’s basketball!

Picturing where Bell fits in at the next level is pretty easy. She’s a shooter who can navigate screens and find her own shot at will. Despite a sky-high usage and being scouted and defended as the Eagles’ top threat, Bell sunk a solid 47.2% of her 18.8 looks per game. 

Oh, and the 6’1 wing grabbed 7.3 boards, connected with teammates for 2.5 assists and added 2.1 steals and 1.8 blocks on the defensive side! She also only turned the ball over 2.1 times per game.

The wildest part? Bell tore her meniscus in late January, just days after she’d announced she’d forego her remaining eligibility and put her name in for the WNBA draft. 

Just 29 days later, she was back on the floor to score 23 points in a win over Liberty. And in the NCAA tournament, her team-high 22 points led the way for No. 12 FGCU’s upset over No. 5 Virginia Tech

Her stunning perseverance warrants cheer on its own, and now you should see why our Bet of the Day is for Kierstan Bell to become the first FGCU player to ever be drafted in the first round of the WNBA draft.


🥳  Betting on Kierstan Bell to be drafted in the first round is fun because…

  • She’s a BALLER who came back from a torn meniscus in FOUR WEEKS to drop 23 points  
  • She could make FGCU history as the first, 1st-round pick in school history (Whitney Knight was selected No. 15 in 2016)
  • Your favorite team might be the one to land a certified BUCKET-GETTER

🥳  Betting on Kierstan Bell to be drafted in the first round is smart because…

  • Most mock drafts have her selected in the first 10 picks. Gaming Society’s mock has her at No. 4
  • She was one of 12 players invited by the WNBA to attend the draft in person
  • She was the fifth-leading scorer in the country! It would be wild for her to be passed up 12 times
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