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Gaming Society’s Bet of the Day is on Saint Peter’s and Creighton 🏀

We’re back with our Cinderella darlings.

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I’m not even gonna lie to you guys. We did our Bet of the Day on both Saint Peter’s and Creighton on Friday in case it was, uh, the end.

Instead, the Peacocks became the first team in tournament history (men or women) to reach the Elite Eight as a No. 15 seed (!!), and the Bluejays rocked Iowa State to become the fourth double-digit seed to EVER reach the Elite Eight in the women’s tourney.

Underdog fever is sweeping across the country, and I’m not just saying that as a person who witnessed an Amtrak conductor announce the “home of the Saint Peter’s Peacocks” to a round of applause as the train chugged across Jersey City.

I’m also saying that as a person who was in attendance for Shaheen Holloway’s team’s upset over No. 3 Purdue and watched a crowd of North Carolina and UCLA fans unite in support of the history-makers, listened to fans shout “ca caw” as a guess as to what sound peacocks make (??), and clapped along to Buffalo Wild Wings chants for Sixth Man Doug Edert, who earned the sponsorship after making the Sweet 16.

But they’ll need to keep their defense strong to topple another underdog who’s made it further than expected in No. 8 North Carolina 💪 

And on the women’s side, Creighton is crushing teams with more size AND more hype because it’s non-stop firing 3-point shots. In three games, the Bluejays have made 29 of them on 78 tries. That’s a really solid 37%!

Morgan Maly and Payton Brotzki have hit seven of their own, and Lauren Jensen’s recorded five. They’ll need to go all out to continue the upset streak against overall No. 1 South Carolina.


Our Bet of the Day is for Saint Peter’s and Creighton to combine to score 110 points against elite opponents in their Elite Eight matchups. 


🥳  Betting on Saint Peter’s and Creighton is fun because…

  • Lmao who would’ve thought we’d still have this luxury 🙃
  • Even though we’re rooting for both upsets, they don’t have to happen for this bet to cash!
  • What? You’re seriously gonna root for these Cinderellas to get knocked out?!


🧐  Betting on Saint Peter’s and Creighton is smart because…

  • Gaming Society’s “lines” are a little better than what you’ll get elsewhere! It’s OK to go odds shopping
  • The Bluejays are averaging 75 points by themselves this tournament 😤
  • Have either of these teams disappointed you so far?
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