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Why we’re betting on LaMelo Ball and Trae Young in the NBA’s play-in tournament 🏀

Hint: they’re both fun as hell!

Tony Cavallo

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Why baby Ball and Ice Trae will dominate in our play-in player prop parlay 🥶🏀


LaMelo Ball came into our lives via Facebook Watch (is that still a thing?), and entered the NBA with a whole ton of fanfare. Yet he still exceeded expectations, securing Rookie of the Year, and leading his young Hornets squad in year two. Points, rebounds, assists, three pointers, field goal percentage, you name it, this season LaMelo improved upon it.

Now, facing an elimination game against the Hawks, he’s set to take center stage away from the man who lives there…

In the 2021 playoffs, Trae Young took the Knicks’ best team since Allan Houston and put them in his back pocket. Then, he lit the fuse to the ticking time bomb that was the Embiid/Simmons Sixers, leading the Hawks to an improbable Eastern Conference Finals.

After a disappointing regular season, Atlanta is stuck as the 9-seed and Young is set to prove that last year’s run wasn’t a fluke. NOT A SINGLE Eastern Conference playoff team wants to see Ice Trae leading the Hawks down the court as he shushes the crowd and lets it fly from the logo (RIP Frank Ntilikna).

We’re ready to see these young guns shoot the lights out in a little player prop parlay. Our Bet of the Day is for LaMelo Ball to have OVER 23.5 points AND Trae Young to have OVER 30.5 points.


🥳  Betting on LaMelo and Trae is fun because…

  • There’s a 78% chance we see Ball do something wild and love it
  • Trae is so good he made Spike Lee quit on his favorite team
  • These guys are the future of the NBA! Someone’s making a moment tonight!


🧐. Betting on LaMelo and Trae is smart because…

  • Ball has had 9 of his 10 career-best scoring games in the past five months 🔥
  • The Hawks will be missing big man John Collins, so it’s on Young to carry the scoring load
  • The predicted point total for this game is an astonishing 236.5, meaning the sportsbooks predict POINTS, POINTS, POINTS
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