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Introducing Gaming Society’s Dollar Bet Club

The gamification space’s newest way to “bet”

03.16 - GS x BOW

Oh hi there friends! It’s me, Matt, from Gaming Society with a little announcement. 

We’re finally ready to unveil (the beta version) of our Dollar Bet Club 🤑

What’s the Dollar Bet Club?

That’s a very fair question, thank you for asking. 

Quite simply, the Dollar Bet Club is the latest way for all of us to have fun watching sports together AND win prizes.

Every day starting with March Madness, we’ll celebrate a men’s or women’s player or team in the newsletter and give you the opportunity to “bet” on them on our website.

The bet costs no money, and gives you a chance to earn super cool prizes and Gaming Society Dollars.

What’s a Gaming Society Dollar?

It’s the latest online currency! Think Webkinz Kinzcash except soon you’ll be able to exchange GSD for additional prizes.

What prizes can I earn now?

While we build out our currency system, we’re going to give out immediate prizes, too. If our Bet of the Day hits, up to three random entries each day (!!)  will earn a gift card for a free t-shirt at Homefield’s vintage collegiate apparel store

And when the tournament is over, one Dollar Bet Club player will be selected to win the ultimate at-home fan experience. Yeah, we’re talking about a flatscreen TV, sound bar and more.

It’s lottery style! The more times you “bet,” the greater your chances of winning.

What are these "bets" going to look like?

They’re gonna be FUN, friend. Our first two bets are on the No. 13 Vermont Catamounts making more 3-pointers than the No. 4 Arkansas Razorbacks in the men’s tourney on Thursday, and No. 4 Maryland’s Angel Reese totaling at least 20 points and rebounds combined against No. 13 Delaware in the women’s tourney on Friday.

Our newsletter will be packed with very important stats and info to support your decision to “bet,” and will uhh also have things like Ben Affleck’s UVM undergrad history and the endangerment status of Vermont’s mascot.

How do I keep up with Dollar Bet Club?

By making sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter, first. And second, by following us @GamingSociety on Twitter and Instagram, where you’ll be hearing tips from online legend and WNBA guard Sydney Colson

Can I play now?

You sure can! Place your first “bet” on Vermont here.

See you again soon! 👋

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