“At Gaming Society, athletes will share their unique insight and perspective to help bettors make informed bets. Our goal is to bring athletes into this industry in a new way, by using their voices and perspectIves to create inclusive,  fan-forward content”

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Jaymee Messler
Jaymee MesslerCO-FOUNDER

“For too long, women in sports have been an afterthought in burgeoning industries. Gaming Society and the Bet On Women movement will be catalysts in changing the landscape for female athlete involvement in sports betting.”

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Marissa Coleman

“We believe professional athletes should be at the forefront of innovation in sports betting. Nobody appreciates ‘the game’ more than athletes, and we believe our voices should be instrumental in introducing and activating fans.”

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Kevin Garnett
Kevin GarnettCO-FOUNDER

“Bet On Women and Gaming Society will celebrate the athletes by advancing our visibility into new territories because, after all, to bet on women, you need to know who we are.”

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Nneka Ogwumike
Nneka OgwumikeBET ON WOMEN