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Betting 101: Over/Under

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Over Under Intro

The over-under or point total is a bet on the total number of combined points scored by both teams. You decide whether the teams will combine to score more or less than the point total. 

The point total is typically displayed at a sportsbook like this

over under image

Point Total terms to know

Over: Betting the over means you expect both teams to combine for more points than the point total.

Under: Betting the under means you expect both teams to combine for less points than the point total.

Push: When the combined number of points is equal to the point total then the bet is a push. Sportsbooks return all wagers to bettors and the bet is neither won nor lost. Uneventful at best.

Hook: The sportsbook often adds a half-point (.5) to the end of the point spread or total. This is the hook. The hook eliminates the possibility of a push since there is no way to score half a point, yet.

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