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Betting 101: Futures

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Futures Intro

A future is a player prop bet or team prop bet that takes place over a number of games or even an entire season. A future bet can be placed on a number of different events, such as how many games a team will win or lose during a season, if a player will win that league’s Most Valuable Player award, or a bet on which team will win the championship that season.

Futures are usually displayed at a sportsbook like this:

future image

Futures Terms To Know

Over: Betting the over means you expect the player or team to get more than the prop stat listed.

Under: Betting the under means you expect the player or team to get less than the prop stat listed.

Push: When the final amount in a stat is equal to the prop total listed then the bet is a push. Sportsbooks return all wagers to bettors and the bet is neither won nor lost. No one wins here.

Hook: The sportsbook often adds a half-point (.5) to the end of the point spread or total. This is the hook. The hook eliminates the possibility of a push since there is no way to score half a point, yet.

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