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The Odell Beckham Jr. Sweepstakes Was A Lesson In Sports Betting

Three teams were frontrunners to land OBJ and none of them won! What happened?

How To Bet On The Odell Sweepstakes

Odell Beckham Jr. is a Los Angeles Ram, as predicted by almost nobody except Michael Vick! What a whirlwind the last few days have been. Here’s the latest: 


What happened? After the Cleveland Browns released Odell Beckham Jr., the WR hosted his own kind of free agency… in November. NFL free agency actually begins in March, but after Beckham cleared waivers, he was free to sign anywhere. This doesn’t usually happen to such a high-profile athlete, so OBJ took the opportunity to network.


Who recruited him? The New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints were all reported to have interest. Notice the missing piece!


Who were the favorites to land him? According to Diana Russini of ESPN on Wednesday, the Saints, Chiefs and Packers were the frontrunners.


What were the odds he landed on each team? The lines moved every few hours. It was chaotic! On Wednesday, Sportsline set the odds at +200 (bet $100 → $200) for the Packers, +250 for the Chiefs, +500 for the Saints, +600 for the Seahawks, +700 for the Patriots, +900 for the Ravens and +1500 for the field. A $100 bet on the Rams (the field) would’ve earned you $1,500!


Is he even that good anymore? That’s the ultimate question. The 29-year-old has caught just 17 passes in six games for no touchdowns this season and played in just seven games last year, scoring three touchdowns. Yet most of the league’s best teams had offers out to him… so some clearly think he’s still a difference maker?

Tip of the day

Betting on free agency is really hard because the decision goes beyond  what we know as fans. Free agency is a time where athletes have to weigh what matters most. Sometimes it’s location. Sometimes it’s winning. Sometimes it’s on-field relationships. Sometimes  it’s off-the-field relationships. Keep that — and the *sometimes* incorrect Twitter rumor mill — in mind for future free agencies.

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