On Thursday morning in Phoenix, Brittney Griner gave her first in-person public statements and took media questions just days before the start of training camp.

Dressed in a Mercury shirt with the logo for the “Bring Our Families Home Campaign,” the star answered about 30 minutes worth of questions that evoked smiles, laughter, some tears, with the overall take home note that she's back, she'll continue to fight for others wrongfully detained, and she's ready to play again.

Here are some of the most moving moments from the presser:

1. Griner explained how she found the resilience to return

This was such an emotional moment, but BG's strength shined through.

2. Griner's says she's not going to play overseas ever again, unless it’s to represent Team USA at the Olympics

This is definitely understandable given her circumstance. It's nice to hear that she's open to competing at the Olympics again, though.

3. Griner will continue to advocate for other American detainees

BG has made it clear since her return home that she's going to fight for those who haven't been as fortunate to return home.

4. Griner's working hard to get her body back into All-Star shape

BG explained that it wasn't easy getting back into game shape, and she has a ways to go. But even seeing her back on the floor for any amount of minutes will be incredible.

5. She thanked media for their coverage of her during her detainment

The press room was filled with media, and the hope is that coverage continues for the rest of her career.

6. She called Diana Taurasi a “walking fossil" 💀

You just know Taurasi was cracking up hearing that. I can't wait to see that duo again.

7. Griner thanked her wife, Cherelle, for all her efforts

"She had the hardest job, honestly." This was a necessary round of applause.

This was a wonderful conference, and it was amazing to see Griner in great spirits. Just three weeks until the WNBA is back and she takes the court again!

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