The Connecticut Sun and Minnesota Lynx played a very important game on Sunday, the WNBA’s final date for regular season games. The Lynx needed to win to keep their playoff hopes alive — and, even more notably, to keep Sylvia Fowles’ career going. The Sun were locked into their position as the No. 3 seed regardless of the game’s outcome.

That’s why it was so shocking that the Sun opted to sub their starters back in with less than four minutes to go after Minnesota came back from a 19-point deficit to cut the score to six points. Connecticut’s starters stopped the run, ultimately ending the Lynx’s season.

The See You In The Lobby team of me, Matt Ellentuck, and former WNBA All-Star Marissa Coleman asked Thomas if she felt bad about it: “No, not at all,” Thomas said.

“They had all season to make their playoff run, so I don’t think I could feel bad for the last game. Of course it’s sad to see the end of [Fowles’] career. But I definitely don’t feel bad for what we did yesterday.”

Coleman agreed. “Outsiders looking in don’t understand that,” she said. “It’s always magnified at  the end of the season for that playoff push… they had their chance, they played the same amount of games as everybody else.”

Lol points were made, even if we’re sad to say goodbye to Sylvia Fowles the basketball player.Subscribe to Gaming Society’s YouTube channel to catch weekly episodes of the show.

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