When a Seattle Storm fan screamed “Leave Us Alone” at Chelsea Gray, I absolutely felt that. Minnesota Lynx fans know all too well what the dagger shots can do to one’s soul. And Gray has done nothing but launch and make them for the most ridiculous, dominant and unstoppable eight-game stretch in basketball history.

Here are her game logs to date:

  • 17 points, 6/9 FGs, 3/5 3s, four assists, four rebounds

  • 27 points, 9/11 FGs, 7/8 3s, eight assists, three rebounds

  • 21 points, 9/15 FGs, 0/2 3s, five assists, one rebound

  • 19 points, 8/13 FGs, 3/5 3s, seven assists, seven rebounds

  • 29 points, 12/21 FGs, 5/9 3s, 12 assists, five rebounds

  • 31 points, 13/22 FGs, 4/8 3s, 10 assists, six rebounds 

  • 21 points, 9/17 FGs, 2/6 3s, three assists, two rebounds

  • 21 points, 9/16 FGs, 2/6 3s, eight assists, three rebounds

If you’re searching for players who’ve done better in the postseason, you’re going to be looking for a long freaking time. Per The Next Hoops’ Em Adler, no other player in NBA or WNBA history has matched Gray’s first six games, where she averaged 23.8 points on 76% true shooting (a stat meant to more accurately read shooting percentage by including free throws and 3-point FG%).

The only players in NBA history to ever achieve what Gray did in her first six games — 24 points per game on 63% shooting from the field and 59% shooting from 3-point range with seven assists — playoffs OR regular season, were Chris Paul and Larry Bird. And theirs were both in the regular season and not against an elite defense in the playoffs.

Please, indulge in this video of her hitting an unfair amount of shots in this series. 

Next, Gray has another championship on her mind. She already won one in 2016 with the L.A. Sparks, but now she’ll look to bring one to Las Vegas, a team founded in 2018 without one. The only question: will her streak continue? 

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