Joel Embiid was the man of the hour in yesterday’s newsletter, but we have to show him love once again. This 7-foot big man is simply the gift that keeps on giving.

His iconic buzzer-beater bucket inspired us with Gaming Society’s very OWN betting term! The newest wagering lingo to know is frontdoor cover.

Now, you might be wondering, what does this mean? Well, instead of the backdoor cover, which is when a meaningless late game stat changes the outcome of a bet, we’re coming from the front with a play at the buzzer that allows your bet to hit. Whether it’s a point total, spread, or player prop, front door covers are all possible!

Tonight, we have three possibilities for a point spread FDC (front door cover, yeah we’re already on a acronym basis) as all offer potential opportunities for such a play to be made.

Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Heat -1.5 (win by two or more points) vs. the Hawks

  • Bucks -2 (win by three or more points) vs. the Bulls

  • Suns -1.5 (win by two or more points) vs. the Pelicans

Since all the spreads are within three points, a buzzer-beater can create a front door cover! Can you say Brandon Ingram with straight ice in his veins hitting a fadeaway 3 as the buzzer sounds to cover against Phoenix? Or how about Jimmy BUCKETS getting red-hot in the fourth, laying it down for the cover and a 3-0 lead over Atlanta? Could it even be Alex Caruso being well, himself, and absolutely stuntin’ on the Bucks capping with a shot from WAAAY downtown for the cover?

All of these options sound downright delightful! How could you not love a front door cover?

Term of the Day

Gaming Society’s newest betting term.

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