Confused about how WNBA Fantasy basketball works? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s what fantasy hoops is all about

Guys! This is BIG. It’s the first season-long, full-scale fantasy game dedicated to a major women’s sports league provided by ESPN.

The typical league consists of six fantasy teams (but can hold as many as 10) with nine roster spots on each. Six players start: two forwards, two guards, one center and one utility spot that can be any position.

The fantasy draft lasts nine-rounds, and it should be familiar for those who play NBA or NFL fantasy, but adapted to the 12-team WNBA league and its shorter season!

You compete against your friends each week!

Each week, every fantasy team goes head-to-head against one other team, and the squad that earns the most fantasy points records a win while the other team garners a loss.

The teams with the best win-loss records advance to the fantasy playoffs and challenge each other to find a champion!

Here’s how the scoring works

The default scoring system is designed to translate what you see on the court to points for your fantasy team: 

  • One point = 1 point

  • One rebound = 1 point

  • One assist = 1 point

  • Three-pointer made = 1 point

  • One steal = 2 points

  • One block = 2 points

Here’s how you can win your league

WNBA stars will also be ELITE fantasy scorers, regardless of their production style. 

AND there’s room for lower-volume players to thrive if they contribute significantly in the more difficult categories, such as defensive monsters (steals and blocks) and shooters from deep (which earn an additional point).

The keys: know your roster players’ game, maximize their strengths, search for depth and use the draft, trade and free agency to your advantage.

Sign up soon!

The WNBA season is 32 games from May 6 to August 14. Yes, May 6th, as in a little over a week from now, so it’s time to draft ASAP!

Teams will usually play 2-3 games per week, so you’ll have plenty of chances to watch your squad compete and WIN! It’s going to be fun 

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