Last night in the NBA, the Celtics (relatively) shut down Kevin Durant, the Bulls upset the Bucks on the road and Joel Embiid, at 7 freaking feet tall, sunk the off-balance 3-pointer just before the buzzer to beat the Raptors in OT. 

We’ll unpack all that in a minute, but first, shout out to @EZ_Plot for winning Breaking T t-shirts for participating in our live bets on Twitter. Unfortunately, we were five points shy of our Bet of the Day on Kevin Durant hitting 

Season 2 of Dollar Bet Club is still going though, and our free “bet” today is on the Warriors to hit their team point total over. Click here to play. Daily winners earn tees, and one grand prize winner will take home a Nintendo Switch!Now, let’s talk about Embiid’s revenge.

Joel Embiid's game-winning 3-pointer 

In the same building Kawhi Leonard sunk a game-winning fadeaway at the buzzer over him three years ago, Embiid got his moment. The MVP candidate had taken a questionable attempt at the win in regulation, but was able to make up for it in OT by catching the bottom of the net on a shot taken with .9 seconds left on the shot clock.

It’s silly as hell what seven-footers are doing right now in basketball, and Embiid keeps pushing the line of Holy Crap even further. 

Things got dicy in this one when James Harden fouled out in the final minutes of regular time, but Tyrese Maxey stepped up in his absence. They’ve got one game to go, but a four-game sweep sounds nice for potential rest tie in a long, long postseason.

Sixers bets 

With Philly one game away from clinching the series, consider siding with them.

  • Sixers to cover the spread at -3 (win the game by four or more points) in Game 4 against the Raptors

  • Sixers to sweep the series at -20000 (bet $20,000 to win $100) 

  • Sixers to win the championship at +1200 (bet $100 to win $1,200)

Gaming Society’s MVP of the night: DeMar DeRozan 

I can’t lie, I’m starting to love the vibes of a good First Player To Score bet. What a ridiculous thing to wager considering who in the hell knows how the ball is going to tip.

But shout out to this group of pals who all went in on DeRozan and won! Helluva way to start a 48-minute game. It’s good to win early. 

Also shouts to the Bulls for stealing a game on the road against the Bucks! DeRozan’s 42 points were EVERYTHING!

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