If you're going to lead Kelsey Plum to a viral championship proclamation, you better have your own ring on hand.

On Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson's Steam Room podcast, the Las Vegas Aces champ let Chuck hear all about his championship-less career in ruthless fashion.

Here's the full transcription:

Barkley: One more question from me. Do you want to come out and guarantee a repeat right now?

Plum: You know for someone that's never won a championship... that's... I'll just give you some advice.. that's really not what you do.

Barkley and Johnson, in unison: WOAH!

Barkley: Oh my goodness. It's the Christmas season. Everybody's nice around Christmas. Oh my goodness.

Johnson: A vicious turn.

Barkley: Bad thing about it, we can't even cut that out of the damn interview.

Johnson: We're not about to cut it out, Chuckster.

I can't believe she did him like that 💀💀💀

There was no reason, except to make us laugh. Thank you, Kelsey Plum.

The Aces are the favorites, per FanDuel, to win the 2023 championship with +185 (bet $10 to win $18.50) odds.

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