In the most Thanos of ways, the Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr Warriors are inevitable. Sure you can take Thompson’s ACL and Achilles, see their (debatable) best player Kevin Durant leave town, fracture Curry’s hand, and distract Green via podcast, but where did that all bring you? Back to me. 

There are several reasons why the Warriors are thriving. Curry — aside from a historically odd zero 3-pointer night on Monday — has been otherworldly. Green found his footing on the defensive end once again. Andrew Wiggins has blossomed into a two-way star. 

But simply not enough of us are talking about Thompson’s passion for the deep blue sea as the deterrent even the sharpest oddsmakers, who favored the Celtics before the start of the series, couldn’t have seen coming. 

Thompson’s Game 5 postgame conference was a masterpiece

Please watch:

“It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is,” Thompson said. “The Bay, you know, it can be cold, but when it’s one of those days when it’s in the low 60s and the sun is shining, I make it a point to jump in the ocean. I just think the ocean has healing properties that a pool might not have, or a cool tub. Just to be immersed in nature like that, it really makes me happy. 

“Your whole body feels so great when you get out of that cold water. Honestly you just feel a little closer to God when you look up at the beautiful skies and you’re just in the ocean …

“I’m an Aquarius so I just have always loved the water my whole life. It really is my happy place, besides the hardwood.”

Please protect Klay Thompson forever.

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