LeBron James has the chance to make NBA scoring history should he score 36 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder on TNT Tuesday night. The game tips off at 10 pm ET.

The Moment

LeBron James, 1,409 games into a career that has been marked by extraordinary apexes and dogged longevity in equal measure, is on the brink of passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the NBA's all-time scoring list. While the merits of James vs. Michael Jordan vs. Bill Russell vs. the stars of the future will assuredly lead to dignified debate on Al Gore's internet for the rest of time, there's no argument that this is a pinnacle achievement for one the world's most decorated athletes. 

The Discourse

As is inevitable, the significance of the' achievement has served as Rauscher test for how sports fans view James' career: is his statistical success rooted in his endurance as much as it is in his ability as a gifted scorer? Or does earning the title as the NBA's all-time scoring champ, by definition, earn James the crown as the league's greatest bucket-getter ever? 

The Quote

"I see it and I smirk. When they talk about the best scorers who ever played the game, my name never comes up. They have no choice now." - LeBron James via ESPN

Why We Care

Every few years, a sports record is broken that serves as a milestone, a moment in time, a passing of the guard, an "I remember where I was when..." snapshot that serves as a small piece of the mosaic of memories that make being a sports fan worthwhile. James' record breaking night will serve as one of those moments. 

Savor it, remember it, and when it's over, be sure to log on to your favorite social media site and tell us how you really feel about it. 

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