For the sixth straight year, the NBA's "City Jerseys" are here to show the history and stories of the league's cities.

We're here with takeaways for all 30 of them from the good to the bad to the little tiny logos. Here we go!


Atlanta Hawks

Yes. Maybe the best of the bunch. The font? Regal. The color? Decadent. Atlanta understands what a good thing they have going with the peach. And guess what: the court absolutely rips too.

Boston Celtics

The dark green is hard to mess up, so congrats to the Celtics for not blowing it. The font is good, the diamond decals are a blast, and the gold accent is very pretty. The only way to improve these would be to make the gold piping glittery, but maybe that’s just me. 

 Cleveland Cavaliers

I am all in on this font, and the color of the names on the back of the jersey is a nice touch. The mint/tan combo is weird and great. Good job, Cleveland. 

Denver Nuggets

These somehow feel both familiar and fresh. The colors are clean, the tiny dots are fun. No notes. 

Detroit Pistons

These kinda look like an amalgamation of a few different NBA jerseys, and honestly, the longer I look at them the closer I am to putting them in the pass category. But the stars are cute.

Houston Rockets

A fun take on the vertical stripe! Very much Tron vibes, but I’m into it.

Los Angeles Clippers

I love love love the stained glass kinda look the Clippers have going here. If anything, I would have made that part of the design even more prominent. Maybe a little bit more on the shorts? Regardless, very cool.

Memphis Grizzlies

These are cool as hell. Nothing else to say.

New Orleans Pelicans

With the color scheme available to the Pelicans, I would be worried if they came out with anything less than this. 

New York Knicks

The Knicks didn’t reinvent the wheel here, but they really didn’t need to. Orange and blue as a color combo forever, please. 

San Antonio Spurs

It’s the fiesta Spurs, and I’m ready to party.


Indiana Pacers

I really really want to like these (and I have a feeling they will look better in action) but it’s a miss overall. The shorts on their own are kinda nice with that big ‘ol logo on the side.

Milwaukee Bucks

These unis aren’t BAD, but I want a little bit more out of them. I’m a sucker for a uniform representing a certain neighborhood, though.

Sacramento Kings

Perhaps the ugliest shade of gray known to man. Please for the love of god no more gray jerseys!!!!!!!!!

Miami Heat

The font mashup feels like a good idea until I’m looking at it for the millionth time

The tiny logos for little babies club

Los Angeles Lakers

Oh sick, a tiny purple logo. Very cool Lakers!

Philadelphia 76ers

Size up the logo by 25% and then get back to me.

Brooklyn Nets

The handwriting font is back to haunt me. These unis have just never done it for me, and now we have to look at them for another season. 

One quick tweak

Washington Wizards

These are maybe the most beautiful uniforms I have ever seen, but I am begging the Wizards to rethink the font choice on the front.

Hitting Snooze

Chicago Bulls

References to city architecture? Cool. Barely being able to see the references without zooming in to a high-quality photo? Less cool. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

Go off king! Give us nothing!

Orlando Magic

If your team name is the Magic I am going to need you to do something more fun with your jerseys. Who will be brave enough to give us glittery uniforms?

Toronto Raptors

These are like the slightly less cool version of the Grizzlies unis. They will probably look sick on the court, but there’s nothing exciting here for me.

I need to see in action

Golden State Warriors

Far and away the weirdest jersey of the launch. In the past, the Warriors have generally played it safe with uni designs, and while the rose design is A Choice, it's just bold enough that I can’t write it off until I see it on the floor. 

Dallas Mavericks

The font honestly rocks hard as hell, the rest of the design is whatever. It seems like a jersey that will look clean on the floor, but only time will tell.

Minnesota Timberwolves

I genuinely cannot tell if I like this uniform, but I do know that the single leg design on the shorts is almost always cool. This uniform will probably look sick on Anthony Edwards, we’ll see if that’s true for the rest of the team. 

Phoenix Suns

I love what the uniforms represent, and honestly a blindingly bright jersey is almost always a winner to me. The press release photos make the unis look teal, but in pictures of players wearing them they seem more blue, so i'm eager to see what they look like in action. 

Portland Trail Blazers

Rumors of a PDX carpet uni have been swirling for what seems like years, and now that they’re here, I'm like, ok? The sash is giving Portland Prom Queen, but if anyone is going to be able to look cool in it, it’s Damian Lillard.

Jerseys that should have been run past a group of 16 year olds. 

Charlotte Hornets

I’m not going to make the joke. You already know the joke. Put these on the shelf next to Cream City. 

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