We're one week through the NBA season and naturally, it's time to overreact. Thinking is for January. Maybe even February. But after seven days it's time to turn our brains off and vibe out to what the facts are telling us in the moment.

Let's talk about who's awesome and what stinks.


1. Paolo Banchero

The Magic's no. 1 pick is averaging 23.3 points per game with 8.7 rebounds and 3.3 assists. He's good!

2. Us, watching Ja Morant

Most. Exciting. Player. In. The. League. He's averaging 35.3 points and already had a 49-point night.

3. This Luka Doncic pass

I don't want to hear it, this was a pass.

4. The Knicks?

First the Jets, then the Giants and now the 2-1 Knicks?

5. The Trail Blazers???

The only 4-0 team in the NBA, just like we all thought. They've taken down the Kings, Lakers, Suns and Nuggets.


1. Basketballs shot by any Laker

Ew! Bad! Gross! Not fun! Ouch! Those are all my feels watching this very poorly constructed team attempt to put a ball in the hoop.

2. Danny Ainge and the Jazz

They're supposed to be tank commanders for Victor Wembanyama! A 3-1 start is not what they traded Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert for.

3. That weirdo Draymond Green documentary

I still have no idea how we turned punching a co-worker in the face into a pregame content sesh?

4. NBA League Pass on Roku

This is for a select audience but those with black screens know what I'm talking about.

5. The fan who told Russell Westbrook that he "sucked ass"

Funny what happens when you have to say something mean to someone's face.

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