Somebody please stop this team, they’re too much. In an act that MVP candidate A’ja Wilson called “team bonding,” the Aces roster formed a circle, held water in their mouths, and began slapping each other across the face with tortillas as a camera crew filmed.

Please watch:

Slapping each other with tortillas makes great WNBA team bonding

The game was simple: slap whoever you want with a tortilla and make them spit out water. If you spit the water out, you’re out, and the circle closes.

Let’s review this very important game and its results.

In the beginning, this game was all about the big wacks. There was one series of them that took out the bulk of the competition. It began with Kelsey Plum’s tortilla rocketing off Wilson’s face, then Dearica Hamby’s on Plum, Sydney Colson’s on Hamby, and then the dagger, which was Wilson’s on Hamby.

In a matter of seconds (with a few extra slaps), all players except Jackie Young and Kierstan Bell were eliminated. 

The championship round was gut-wrenching, and despite Colson’s best efforts to intervene with commentary, Young and Bell remained in the game. Young held in some laughter while Bell pivoted to tortilla uppercuts. It took a sequence of 17 slaps and three replacement food weapons before Bell let up and Young was announced the winner.

Bless this Aces team, which has already gifted us the audio re-enactment of Plum barking at Tom Brady and the Plum-Hamby pranking wars that led to cops showing up at a practice.

It may be unorthodox, but Wilson’s right, there’s a lot of team bonding going on.

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