Early Monday morning, known purveyor of secrets, Shams Charania, tweeted out a story. He did so knowing full well the tremors it would send throughout the NBA, particularly throughout the offices at 226 Causeway St., Boston, Massachusetts.  

The sheer number of ancillary casualties caused by the NBA’s Master of Whispers’ tweet today knows no bounds. Better yet, the sympathy shown by him to these casualties was similar to that of Chris Evans’s mustachioed Lloyd Hansen in Netflix’s The Gray Man — a sadistic and apathetic sociopath — ruining lives 140 characters at a time. 

As for the authenticity of this story, gossip needn’t be false to be evil.  

What happens to the Celtics now?

As a Celtics fan, seeing Jaylen Brown be dangled as the catnip to Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant problem hurts me to my soul. Brown has grown with this organization since he was drafted third overall in 2016 (from a pick formerly owned by the Nets). He has turned into not only a stellar player and team leader, but an important figure in the societal issues that our country faces. Brown is so much more than a basketball player in Boston. 

Now it seems, with even more clarity than when these same rumors sprouted during the most recent trade deadline, he is not long for the green and white. In return, if true, enters Kevin Durant.

KD is one of the best scorers in NBA history, with MVPs and NBA titles in his back pocket. However, with this Brooklyn exit, he will have left the last three cities he played for with not a bridge unburnt. Not long ago did a prime Kyrie Irving choose himself over the Celtics. If you haven’t heard, people still aren’t over it. Going from loyal Brown to hired mercenary KD would feel familiar. 

Sadly, the validity of this story and where Durant ends up may not matter to Boston in the end. The after effects, the ramifications, and the very destructive nature of these rumors could leave a stain on the defending Eastern Conference Champions that won’t wash away.


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