The notifications are eating away at my insides and trancing me in a Vecna-style, tentacle-first grapple hold. Sure, it’s the month of July in the NBA and phone pop-ups from Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania are always abound with a margarita in hand and sun shades on, but the particular drama that is the Brooklyn Nets is palpable to the degree only LeBron James’ free agency can give us in the basketball world.

Wherever KD lands is going to be hilarious. There’s no way around it. The Durant-tweeting-from-the-locker-room and Players Tribune memes should be at the ready because no matter who lands the talents of the Maybe Best Player In The World but also definitely Most Cryptic Influencer in the NBA is going to cause a posting storm.

And that’s why I’m so anxious. It’s been five days since Durant requested out of Brooklyn, 24 hours after Kyrie Irving opted in and no trade looks imminent. But maybe it will be in an hour or a day or a week. The Suns and Heat are on his wish list but there’s a lot of pushing and pulling happening with who the Nets want in return and who either team is willing to part with. The Raptors are also a dark horse?

Teams have seen what happens when a core is gutted for a megastar or two … that’s how the Nets got here in the first place. But the market for Durant has to be historic. The Jazz got four first-round picks, a pick swap, two proven rotation players and three recent draft picks for Rudy Gobert. GOBERT! And this is KD we’re talking about, on a four-year contract.

Chances are this trade will be complex, and include multiple teams. Or at least, other trades will be a precursor to the Big One. So each and every Woj and Shams notification, no matter how protected the future first-round pick, is important… maybe. 

And yet, there’s always the chance that KD just tweets it out himself. Whatever and wherever the moment, it’s time.

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