While the Nets sort out the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving fiasco, let’s review what happened elsewhere in NBA free agency’s first five days.

1. The Jazz blew it up 

The rebuild is on for Utah: Danny Ainge finally made a big move and sent three-time Defensive Player of the Year and advanced analytics darling Rudy Gobert packing for a plethora of draft picks. New head coach Will Hardy may struggle to compete in the 2022-23 season but preparing for the future seems to be the goal. 

2. The Timberwolves go all in

New GM Tim Connelly made his mark early, packaging every asset available to acquire Gobert from the Jazz. Now the Timberwolves hope starting two 7-foot centers along with young superstar Anthony Edwards will be enough to give them a seat at the adult table. Jury is out on that one. 

3. The Celtics add a playmaker

While Danilo Gallinari will likely star in his own cooking show on Massachusetts local television, the trade for Malcolm Brogdon is the gold star on Brad Stevens short managerial resume. A former Rookie of the Year winner who shoots well, rarely turns it over and excels on defense, Brogdon seems to be the perfect fit for the defending Eastern Conference Champions — if he can stay on the court. 

4. Trae Young found his Robin

San Antonio seems content on joining the Wilt for Wembanyama sweepstakes as they traded their All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks. With forward Kevin Huerter out the door and the dynamic John Collins rumored to be moving as well, what is the next addition to the Murray/Young core that can get Atlanta over the top?


5. Remember the Clippers?

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are supposedly healthy and finally ready to make their run at an NBA championship. The latest piece of the puzzle is a former all-NBA caliber point guard who hasn’t played this decade. John Wall, after being bought out by the Rockets for the price of a deserted island, has brought his talents to Los Angeles. If the spark remains in Wall, this could be the most beneficial signing of the entire offseason.

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