The Aces are the WNBA’s best team, cruising by with a 10-2 record and friendships so deep that one of their best players was in trouble with the cops for vandalizing her teammates car as a prank.

Let me explain

First of all, Kelsey Plum and Dearica Hamby are BFFs, enough so that Hamby had Plum pick up her daughter, Amaya, from a play date while she was at a restaurant. That’s heartwarming, right?

It is but also this is Plum, the person who barked at Tom Brady, we’re talking about. Plum and Amaya took a ride to the restaurant Hamby was at and, of course, launched water balloons at her.

So, Hamby needed to get revenge

Hamby tried to get Plum back before an Aces practice. She dumped what appears to be some type of multicolored paint on Plum’s car, which, lol.

Problem here, though! Someone who didn’t know what was going on reported Hamby’s actions to the cops. And then the cops came to the Aces practice to talk about the “vandalization.”

I can’t make this up!

At least the Aces Twitter had fun with it:

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