WNBA, if you're reading this, please give my co-host some credit.

Marissa Coleman has a lot of good ideas, but this one was especially good. On the latest episode of our show, See You In The Lobby, the former WNBA All-Star suggested something completely different for the league's 2023 event: a blacktop edition.

Our conversation was sparked from last weekend's NBA event. The men's league added a new wrinkle to its 2023 edition, allowing team captains (elected by a popular fan vote) to select their own teams in a pre-show draft. I had fun watching it; Marissa didn't.

Regardless, the vibe was that the drafting took a little too long, and it didn't give the level of flare we'd hoped. It felt staged because... it kind of was staged.

But Marissa wants to take the W draft to the blacktop and I agree.

In Marissa's version of WNBA All-Star 2023: blacktop edition:

  • The top-4 vote-getters shoot for two captains

  • Then the two captains shoot for first pick

  • Someone gets picked last! You're a dang All-Star, it's ok if you're the last pick!

In an alternate version of WNBA All-Star 2023: blacktop edition:

  • No captains at all! Each player shoots from a designated range, first 12 to make it are on the same team OR players who make the shot alternate teams

  • This way you aren't picking your teammates, and you may have to play with someone you don't vibe with

  • If you get picked last, that's on you. Pressure is on

Watch the See You In The Lobby podcast here:

I think the blacktop edition would be especially fun considering... a lot of the league's All-Stars play on just two teams now! The Aces and Liberty are loaded, and if we do have team captains, we won't want to see them play even more games with the same teammates (damn, we are spoiled).

Anyway, what do y'all think?

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