Imagine signing up for a Washington D.C. social sports league to make some friends and drink a couple beers after work on a Tuesday and then, on the first night, after you update a spreadsheet and close Slack for the day, you shake hands with your new teammates, WNBA All-Stars Marissa Coleman and Crystal Langhorne. 

Well that’s what it was like for four random dudes who joined our team by chance. And lemme tell you, it was fun. 

Some context here: If you’re new to this website, welcome. I’m Matt Ellentuck. I’m the head of editorial here at Gaming Society and I co-host a weekly YouTube show you should subscribe to about women’s basketball with Marissa, a 10-year WNBA vet. The show is called See You In The Lobby, which is also the name of this basketball team. 

Because I like to win at things, I asked Marissa to join a random af hoops league. She said yes and invited her friends, Langhorne and two-time Defensive Player of the Year Alana Beard (who sadly missed the first game). 

Now onto the good stuff.

Someone on the other team pissed Marissa off and that was the biggest mistake he’ll ever make 

Marissa couldn’t find her ankle braces before the game, but that’s ok. She wasn’t the one who needed them. That’s what happens when an opponent gets pushy and calls an NCAA champion’s teammate too small.

The first half was a STRUGGLE for our new team. The All-Stars were passing too much (seriously, just shoot more, Lang) and we were all feeling each other out. But in the second half, after the scuffle, Marissa went into God Mode, scoring 14 unanswered points in approximately 90 seconds including back-to-back-to-back 3-point shots and this mid-range beauty.

I have never screamed so loudly in my life, and after playing like 12 first-half rec league minutes in a poorly circulated gym, let me tell you, I did not have much lung capacity to spare in the first place.

We won, obviously. And by we I don’t mean me.

Some notes

  • Lang hit the first 3-point shot of the game and immediately said “I haven’t shot in like a year” lmfaooo

  • I hit a floater and Lang was beyond shocked. “OK, Matt”

  • One of our new teammates, a dad, took a charge and we are obsessed

  • My friend Robbie, who has gained a small cult following on Twitter, did not score any points 

Some Twitter highlights

Shout out to good pal Rodger Sherman of the Ringer for calling this league the #1 story in sports!

@QpidValentino thinks Marissa should play in the league again and I agree

Marissa’s sweet jumper got lots of praise

Here’s a bonus boomerang of Lang and Marissa running a pick-and-roll, taken by good friend and former UConn standout Kaili McLaren, our #1 fan

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