College sports are silly and wonderful from the celebrations to the upsets to the team that sang "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" so frequently and loudly and online-ly that Shania Twain herself has become a fan.

I can't believe I didn't make any of that up. It's all true.

Please join the rest of society in falling in love with the Washington State Cougars:

Here is the Cougars' best player, Chanisse Leger-Walker, inviting "Auntie" Shania Twain to come watch their Pac-12 championship game and perform.

Unfortunately, Shania could not come to the game (she's in Switzerland), but she did give her support.

And ... it worked!?!?!

Shania Twain's favorite team upset everyone in the Pac-12 tournament

With a 19-10 record, the Cougars' place in the main tournament was in question prior to the start of the Pac-12 one. They'd won two games against ranked opponents (UCLA and Oregon), but had a pretty middling season overall; probably good enough to get in the tourney, but not as a very high seed.

Then the Shania Twain era began.

The Cougars upset three teams (No. 3 Utah, No. 20 Colorado & No. 19 UCLA) in a row as the No. 7 seed in the Pac-12 tournament to win the whole dang thing and earn an automatic bid to the big dance.

It was the first time in program history that a women's sports team won a championship in the Pac-12!

Though their entire team seems lovely, Bella Murekatete stands out


Selection Sunday is on March 12. Let's see where our Shania Twain-loving Cougs are placed.

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