There is strange, and then there is what Kelsey Plum, the Aces star guard, did when she got to meet her “favorite athlete” Tom Brady. Her teammate and 2020 MVP A’ja Wilson could not even look at the crowd of media as Plum detailed her ultimate cringe moment — with pride?

“I remember we played the first half, and I walked out and was like ‘don’t say anything, don’t say anything,’ and then I locked eyes with him. And I was like ‘screw it,’ I went right up to him, dapped him up [she made the sound], and I was like ‘man, you’re dog [barking noises commence].”

Please look at Wilson’s reactions:

“He looked at me and was like ‘yeahhhh.’ We connected, we connected… He’s not gonna forget that.”

Kelsey Plum, I promise you, none of us are gonna forget that.

Out of curiosity, I asked people on Twitter what animal noise they’d make if they saw their fave athlete and the reactions were all over the place from goat to dolphin to birds to wolves. Feel free to share your response.

Kelsey Plum’s MVP odds are +550 (bet $100 to win $550).

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