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13 facts we learned about LeBron James from his Twitter Q&A

Just a guy with some newfound time in May

13 facts we learned about LeBron James from his Twitter Q&A

LeBron James doesn’t usually have time off in May and it seems like he’s handling it like any of us would: by tweeting. He prompted his mere 51.3 million followers to participate in a little questions and answers session, and over a couple of hours, some fun stuff was revealed.

Here’s everything from most to least surprising.


1. Luka Doncic is his favorite NBA player right now

Recruiting is a 12-month job after all.


2. His all-time dunk contest contestants would be himself, Vince Carter, Zach LaVine and Dominique Wilkins

Guess what those other three guys did when asked to compete. 


3. He prefers Nintendo 64 to Gamecube 

Nostalgia is a helluva drug.


4. His favorite book is The Alchemist



5. If he had to choose a teammate to play against Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, it’d be between Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Yes, the LeBron and Kyrie friendship is back and here to stay.


6. His favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream

There’s nothing wrong with this take tbh. It’s a good choice.


7. His favorite non-basketball player is Ken Griffey Jr.

Another strong take!


8. He thinks he’d beat Tom Brady in a hockey shootout

I’d agree.


9. His toughest moment was losing to the Mavs in the 2011 Finals

We all saw it. That took a whole 3-1 lead to erase from the forefront of our minds.


10. He likes cake better than pie

Another agreeable take. A strong night for The King.


11. He wants to go to Australia



12. His favorite vacation spot is Capri, Italy

I mean yeah.


13. He still plans to play until Bronny makes the NBA

We’ve got at least two more years of LeBron.

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