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Buying Points

Betting 101: Buying Points

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Buying Points Terms To Know

Alternate Line: An alternate line bet is a bet that is placed on a point spread, point total or prop where the bettor changes the original line.

Selling Points: Selling points is the opposite of buying points. You can choose to adjust the line and make the bet more difficult, but increase your odds in the process. 

Ex. The Celtics are favored on the point spread by -1.5 at -110 odds. You decide to sell a point and take the Celtics point spread at -2.5 and the odds of your bet are now +120.

Odds Adjustment : When buying or selling points, the odds of the bet will change to reflect the new line. The more points that are bought, the more negatively the odds will adjust. The more points that are sold, the more positively the odds will adjust. 

Risk Overview: The best sports bettors in the world are successful around 55% of the time. It’s a hard gig. Buying or selling points can sometimes adjust the line in the bettor’s favor and make for an easier bet, but the adjustment of odds is always something to be wary of. Never risk more than you are willing to lose.

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