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One bet every type of sports fan can make in Week 2

Are you a proud homer? Are you always rooting for the underdog? No matter what kind of sports fan you are, we’ve got one suggested bet you can make in Week 2 to help get in on the exciting NFL action.

One bet every type of sports fan can make in Week 2

Week 1 of the NFL season did not disappoint. The game slate had everything we’ve been craving all off-season, ripe with upsets (#Seahawks fans, let’s ride 😎), surprise duds (cough—Rams—cough) and so much more. You might be asking yourself now, what’s in store for Week 2 and how can you get in on the action? Here at The Gaming Society, we’ve hand tailored one bet for every single type of NFL fan to help you get some skin in the game.

All odds come courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook.


If you’re always looking to follow the “smart money”…

You love to side with the Vegas high-rollers — and honestly, why shouldn’t you? There’s a reason the sportsbooks and betting sharp rake in endless amounts of cash. This week, consider betting Commanders vs. Lions OVER 48.5 points (-110).

Despite the fact that just 57% of the incoming bets on the point total have been placed on the over, an astounding 88% of the total money bet on the point total has been on the over, according to VSiN. The sharps are leaning heavily toward a high-scoring game this week, and it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. The Commanders and Lions both ranked top-12 in yards and top-five in scoring in Week 1. Don’t get too lost in the lack of sexiness these two offenses offer; get amped that the defenses are both likely to give up some splash plays.

You win if: Washington and Detroit combine for 49 or more points. Bet $11.10 to win $10 for a take-home total of $21.10.


If you’re always rooting for the underdog…

You’re consistently looking for the next David and Goliath. Who doesn’t love to root for the little guy? This week, consider betting the Jets +5.5 (-104) in Week 2 against the Browns.

Let’s be honest – even Browns fans are having a difficult time rooting for the Browns right now. So what better time to root for the New York Jets, who’ve got plenty of reasons to think they can keep things close in Week 2? 1) Joe Flacco, an 11-year Ravens vet, will be under center again this week against a former division rival Browns team he’s more than familiar playing against. 2) They’ve got talent in the run game with young RBs Michael Carter and 2022 first-round pick Breece Hall. 3) They bring with them some solid defensive playmakers in Sauce Gardner, Quinnen Williams and DJ Reed, to name a few. Why not the Jets?

Fun fact — Joe Flacco has won 17 of his 20 career games against the Browns (even if that was forever ago, when the Browns were still Browns-ing).

You win if: The Jets pull out the upset and beat the Cleveland Browns or lose by five or fewer points! Bet $10.40 to win a $10 profit for a take-home total of $20.40.


If you’re managing way-too-many fantasy football leagues and obsessed with player stat lines

Consider betting on Chargers QB Justin Herbert over 279.5 passing yards (-114) against the Chiefs – a matchup Vegas is projecting to be the highest scoring game of the week!

You may have drafted Herbert as the second QB off the board in your fantasy leagues, and for that, you shall remain loyal. Herbert has exceeded 280 passing yards in three of his four career starts against the Chiefs, including two of those matchups on the road in Arrowhead. Worried about the absence of Keenan Allen this week? Dating back to 2020, Herbert surprisingly has averaged a higher completion percentage, more yards per attempt, and a higher passer rating without Allen on the field according to Next Gen Stats.

You win if: Herbert throws 280 or more passing yards! Bet $11.40 to win a $10 profit for a take-home total of $21.40.


If you’re a bandwagon fan…..

AKA the newest #1 fan of the hotness that is the Buffalo Bills, consider betting Bills -9.5 against the Titans. They absolutely steam-rolled the defending Super Bowl champs on the road last week, and now, you’re front and center on the #BillsMafia bandwagon.

I don’t really need to sell you on why the Bills will rock it in Week 2. Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, Von Miller — yaddah, yaddah. The more interesting angle here is where the Titans sit, as they acclimate to the loss of star wideout A.J. Brown this offseason. While they continue to find their bearings, there’s one team that’s already found them — and that’s the Buffalo Bills. They’ve covered the spread in 13 of 20 home games in the regular and post-season since 2020.

You win if: The Bills win the game by 10 or more points. Bet $11.40 to win $10 for a take-home total of $21.40.


Last, but certainly not least…

If you’re a stone-cold homer (and proud of it!)…

We know you don’t care what the odds say. We know you couldn’t care less about what Stephan A. Smith or Skip Bayless think about your team’s chances to pull off the W. Regardless of the opponent, you’re always rolling with your favorite team. Ride or die, baby. Your bet this week? [Insert your favorite team and their moneyline odds to win here]. Go ahead. Bet on your favorite team. We’re not judging.

You win if: Your favorite team wins. It’s the best kind of win-win. Me? I’m a Steelers fan [insert a miserable groan here]. The Steelers are moneyline underdogs this week (+108 — AKA, projected to lose!) at home against a Patriots offense that absolutely struggled to get anything rolling in Week 1. Since 2020, the Steelers have been home underdogs on just three occasions, pulling off the win in each of those three matchups. Even without TJ Watt, the defense has plenty of defensive playmakers to keep the Patriots honest. If I bet $10, I’ll make a $10.80 profit and walk home with a cool $20.80.

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