Breaking: Athletes find motivation spinning narratives of disrespect

Author: Kate MagdziukPublished: 05/10/23
Quinn Ewers & CJ Stroud
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Texans rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud made headlines Monday — no, not for anything fun or exciting! Rather, he came under fire after stating in an interview that he felt disrespected when Ohio State brought in the 2021 recruiting class' No. 1 prospect Quinn Ewers to play behind him.

Watch the clip here.

He didn't say anything that, at face value, should ruffle any feathers. But still...

Twitter didn't react particularly well to the sentiment.

But let's calm down.

As a former college recruit himself, yes, C.J. Stroud does, in fact, probably have some insight as to the college recruitment process. Let's not pretend rumors that he scored in the 18th percentile on the S2 — a test that evaluates various cognitive skills a quarterback might need to succeed at the position — should mean that the guy is an idiot. He is not.

In fact, Stroud's sentiment regarding disrespect, or the motivation one can harness from that feeling, isn't a particularly unique one. In fact, we've seen this sort of mindset in some of the best athletes to ever play the game.

Michael Jordan? *He* took that personally.

Did the NBA ever learn not to piss off Michael Jordan? There might not be an athlete in the game that has better displayed what taking

Tom Brady? He's got that mentality too.

Remember that time Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round? He's notoriously carried the frustration of falling in the 2000 NFL Draft — eventually selected by the New England Patriots as the seventh quarterback off the board that year. The underdog mentality has served him well, obviously, with seven Super Bowl rings to show for it and a legacy as the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen.

When he got old? He used that as motivation too. How dare you imply that a 44-year-old man can't play quarterback at the highest level? Don't worry — Brady kept the receipts.

Maybe C.J. Stroud will do the same.

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