Let me caveat from the outset: These are not good bets. These are some fun predictions to help make the 2022 College Football Playoff a bit more interesting.

If you’re a more risk-averse person, do not read further. You will not find sanctuary here. These College Football Playoff bets are long shots to varying degrees... and for good reason. 

That being said, if you’re looking for some fun wagers that will pair very well with champagne, win or lose, well then look no further, friend.

The “Lol Everybody Was Wrong” Parlay: +1266

The bet: TCU -2.5 vs. Michigan AND Ohio State -3.5 vs. Georgia

You win if: TCU beats Michigan by 3 or more points (AKA, at least a field goal) and Ohio State beats Georgia by 4 or more points (AKA, MORE than a field goal!). Bet $10 to win $126.60.

Why you should bet an amount you’re very comfortable losing on this:

This is the perfect bet if you want to feel like the smuggest person at the New Years' party. Georgia and Michigan are both heavy favorites in their respective semifinals—and generally, the favorite has performed well in these spots. But on the off chance everybody was wrong and this is a universe ruled entirely by chaos (which we’re increasingly seeing more and more evidence of), this is definitely the right bet to make. Also, you can look like some kind of genius when it hits. And if it doesn’t? Never speak of it again! New Year, new you, baby! 

A Very Georgia Tight End Feast: +441

The bet: Darnell Washington anytime touchdown scorer (+186) AND Brock Bowers anytime touchdown scorer (-160)

You win if: Darnell Washington and Brock Bowers score a rushing or receiving touchdown — passing touchdowns don't count! Bet $10 to win $44.10.

Why you should bet an amount you’re very comfortable losing on this:

Most college football fans are very familiar with Brock Bowers. He just won the Mackey Award, given to the nation’s top tight end, and has six receiving touchdowns on the season. Perhaps more impressively, he has 3 rushing touchdowns on only six carries. There’s a reason he’s favored to score a touchdown in this game. Buuuut to make things a *little* more interestingly, maybe parlay that bet with fellow UGA tight end Darnell Washington—a 6-foot-7, 270-pound human mountain—to also score. Washington is a former 5-star recruit who scored in two of Georgia’s last three games. If you’re already feeling good about Georgia covering, this is a fun not so extreme longshot you can pair with your spread bet.

Run, Max, Run!: +1100

The bet: Max Duggan to score 2+ touchdowns

You win if: TCU QB Max Duggan scores two touchdowns (rushing or receiving) — don't forget, passing touchdowns don't count here! Bet $10 to win $110.

Why you should bet an amount you’re very comfortable losing on this:

Although Duggan threw for 30 touchdowns this season, he’s also been quite prolific with his legs rushing for 6 touchdowns on the season. Interestingly Duggan averaged way more carries in games against ranked competition, most notably carrying the ball 15 times in both victories over Kansas State during the regular season. Kansas State, like Michigan, possessed a ton of talent in the front seven that Duggan reacted to by using his legs. Why not live a little and take a stab at Heisman finalist Max playing some hero ball in this spot? 


The bet:

  1. C.J. Stroud OVER 277.5 passing yards

  2. Stetson Bennett OVER 265.5 passing yards

  3. Marvin Harrison Jr. OVER 85.5 receiving yards

  4. Brock Bowers any time touchdown scorer

  5. Max Duggan OVER 234.5 passing yards

  6. JJ McCarthy OVER 210.5 passing yards

  7. Quentin Johnston OVER 70.5 receiving yards

  8. Donovan Edwards OVER 126.5 rushing yards

You win if: See above. Please don't make us type all of this out again. 🥹 Bet $10 on this parlay to win $697.50!

Why you should bet an amount you’re very comfortable losing on this:

If you’re wanting more of an “I just hope everybody has fun vibe” this is the extreme longshot wager for you, which essentially amounts to the best offensive players on each playoff team balling out. The chance of all these overs hitting is admittedly slim. Honestly just looking at an eight-leg parlay should make any reasonable person gag. But why not dare to dream? It’s the new year (I promise I'll stop using that as an excuse to make bets).

If These Games Suck, I’m Rich!": +8196

The bet:

  1. Ohio State-Georgia UNDER 51.5 total points

  2. TCU-Michigan UNDER 48.5 total points

  3. Georgia -13.5

  4. Michigan -13.5

You win if: Ohio State and Georgia combine for 50 or fewer points, TCU and Michigan combine for 48 or fewer points, and Georgia and Michigan both win by at LEAST two touchdowns. Bet $10 to win $819.60!

Why you should bet an amount you’re very, very, very comfortable losing on this:

Dating back to 2016, 10 of the past 12 playoff games have been decided by double-digits, generally with the favorites winning in a blowout. Oftentimes these games are a snore, so why not profit off of it? This parlay involves adding points to both spreads so Michigan and Georgia win by at least 14 points while holding the opposition to a low-point total. Michigan and Georgia both have top-three defenses based on just about every metric. Ohio State and TCU are no slouches themselves, ranking 8th and 28th respectively in defensive efficiency this season.

If these games play out like most semi-finals have in recent history, it’ll be kind of a slog where the better team just kind of smothers an outmatched opponent. It’s a long shot but a score like 31-14 seems not impossible in both these games—and if that happens the bet hits.

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