It happened. I can’t believe it happened, but it happened.

Deion Sanders took the Colorado job

After rumored flirtations with several other programs, Coach Prime is heading Boulder—a place generally known less for its swagger and more for its greenery of different varieties. 

Before looking at the implications of the hire, you have to take a step back and truly appreciate Deion’s meteoric rise in the coaching profession. He’s only two years removed from his very first game as a college coach in 2020. Many doubted that he’d be able to turn around Jackson State, citing his lack of experience. All he did was lead them to a 27-5 record.

More impressive than his results might be the sheer unprecedented level of talent he accrued at Jackson State (and how much of “his luggage” he’ll be bringing to Colorado). It’s already being rumored that top 2022 recruit Travis Hunter may be transferring to the Buffs. And Coach Prime made clear his son Shadeur — a former four-star prospect who has absolutely lit it up his first two college seasons — will be transferring to be Colorado’s new starting quarterback.

Deion’s brash style is going to be a fascinating fit at Colorado. That’s another way of saying this could be a disaster that blows up magnificently. Or… maybe... just maaaaybe all these other lower-tier programs that decided to pass on Deion could be wishing they hired him while they had the chance.

Regardless, if your question is whether the hire will be a success, that’s already decided. 

I just wrote and you just read an article related to the University of Colorado's football program. Unless you’re a lifelong fan, alum, or literally related to someone on the team, when was the last time you thought about Colorado football apropos of nothing?


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