Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks are on a tear, winning 20 of their last 22 games, opening the door back up on who the MVP should be this season.

Nikola Jokic has long been the favorite, but the Bucks have a big-time matchup Tuesday night at 10 pm ET on NBA TV against a Phoenix Suns team many are considering a contender in the West.

Can Giannis come up big on the road?

The bet: Giannis O/U 32.5 points.

What the bet means: Will Giannis score 33 or more points — the over. OR will he score 32 or fewer points — the under?

What history says about Giannis vs. the Suns: In 14 games through his entire career, Giannis averages just 21.4 points per game against Phoenix.

How Giannis has performed vs. the Suns recently: Giannis has not played against the Suns yet this season, but in two games last year, he scored just 18 and 19 points.

How Giannis is playing in the NBA at large recently: Giannis is fresh off a 46-point game last night where he made 19-of-28 shots. He’s averaging 33.5 points per game in March, though two games were against the lowly Wizards and Magic.

1 big factor: Kevin Durant, who’d likely spend a lot of time guarding Giannis, is injured with an ankle sprain. Mikal Bridges, the Suns’ ace defender, was traded to the Nets in order to land Durant last month. Phoenix could have a tough time finding the bodies to stop him!

Does this Giannis tweet mean anything!?: Last night, Giannis tweeted a picture with the caption “I just want to do my part and help the team be great.”

Umm… Giannis does that mean you’re going to pass the ball more than usual???

Bet on Giannis to take the OVER and score 33 or more points if: You believe the Suns, without Bridges or Durant, are going to become food for the league’s seven-foot phenom.

Giannis' points OVER odds are -120: The (-) sign indicates the amount of money needed to be bet in order to win $100. The 120 means that a $120 bet would earn a $100 profit. A $12 bet would earn a $10 profit.

Bet on Giannis to take the UNDER and score 32 or fewer points if: Giannis’ tweet is giving you bad vibes about his scoring output. Or, if you think playing on the road could make a difference for a Bucks team that’s lost 13 of its 19 games away from home.

Giannis' points UNDER odds are -102: The (-) sign indicates the amount of money needed to be bet in order to win $100. The 102 means that a $102 bet would earn a $100 profit. A $10.20 bet would earn a $10 profit.

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Want to go a level further?: Try a same-game parlay on Giannis' points AND rebounds.

What's a parlay?: A parlay combines multiple bets for a larger payout! The catch is that all "legs" of a parlay have to be correct to earn money. Parlays are not often successful, and are always consider risky.

What is the bet on Giannis' rebounds?: The over/under is set at 11.5.

How much money would a $10 parlay on Giannis' points and rebounds to hit the OVER win?: The odds for this bet on FanDuel are +219. The (+) sign indicates a riskier bet, and the amount of money that will be earned on a $100 bet. The 219 indicates that a $100 bet would earn a $219 payout. Therefore a $10 bet would earn a $21.90 payout.

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(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

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